William Chatman

Executive Director/ CEO

19 years ago I enrolled in Comprehensive Community Solutions’ Youthbuild Rockford program. I graduated with honors and now, 19 years later, I am now the Executive Director/CEO. For a long time I have had the desire to serve in a manner where I could have the greatest impact amongst those who have the greatest needs. I set my mind to transform myself and now is the time to work on fulfilling that desire. Let’s see what the next 19 years will look like! LEGACY BUILDING!!!

Favorite Quote: “I believe that education is the key to a great community. Not just education in academia, but also education on how to be a better person. I believe that the greatest return on investment for this ‘key’ is in our most disenfranchised communities. Whenever there is a segment of society struggling to be great, all society suffers from the untapped potential. It is within that segment that we must focus on ‘how to be great.’ The reward will surprise you.”

Email me at wchatman@youthbuildrockford.org