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Welcome to Comprehensive Community solutions,
Inc. (CCS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt agency founded in 1992. Originally
formed to provide community-based services to individuals in the criminal
justice system, the agency has grown to include a diversity of human service
and affordable housing programs, giving life to its motto:

“Building Human Capital, Communities and
Affordable Housing”

Mission Statement

Comprehensive Community Solutions, Inc. is an organization that drives fundamental transformation of neighborhoods, communities and the circumstances of those who reside there through facilitation of workforce development that leads to a sustainable wage, meaningful community engagement and affordable housing.

Core Values

Partnership: Participating in the collective efforts of the entire community through communication, collaboration, and teamwork to drive fundamental transformation.

Respect: Showing value for our customers, partners, and each other by acknowledging the potential to achieve and maintaining an attitude of empathy.

Accountability: Owning our ability to determine our outcomes and accepting our responsibility to be impactful.

Intentional Growth: Being strategic about our choices, innovative in our efforts, and mission-driven in actions.

Curiosity: Driven by a desire to better understand our customers, partners, and each other so that we are open minded in our service.

Leadership & Service: Taking an active role in developing, implementing, and sustaining a solution(s) to opportunities within our reach.


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Executive Director’s Message

The goal of CCS is to help strengthen the Rockford and Winnebago County Communities through workforce development, meaningful community engagement and affordable housing. This initiative is achieved through the work that we do with our team members and customers. As an agency, we recognize that we are part of a broader, diverse community. CCS believes that culturally diverse teams of volunteers and employees that reflect the diversity of our customers yield more creative, synergistic, and effective outcomes. The CCS culture is one that embraces the opportunities that exist when we strive for inclusiveness through attracting, developing, and retaining a base of employees that reflects our commitment to help better our community in a diverse and inclusive way. Strong Teams; Strong Results. Diversity & Inclusion is a must!


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